Wheeling Township Highway Department

The Highway Department, under the direction of the Wheeling Township Board of Trustees, is responsible for public roads in the unincorporated areas of Wheeling Township.  Since these roads are not part of any village or city, the Township is responsible for maintaining the roads, while Cook County regulates building and zoning in these areas. 

We regularly examine the roads and drainage issues and prioritize budgets taking into consideration the streets with the greatest needs and/or public safety.  We work closely with the Cook County Highway Department in making decisions for repairs, while some projects may involve interactions and approvals from a multitude of local, county and state agencies.

When possible, we work with our state legislators to obtain grants or other funds to help finance larger projects.  Presently residents have received assistance from FEMA, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development, and Cook County Emergency Management for the Voluntary Flood-Prone Property Program. 

Permits for construction in the unincorporated areas are awarded through the Wheeling Township Highway Department prior to residents submitting applications to Cook County Building and Zoning.  The Permit Requirements link is below. 

Permit Application