Wheeling Township History

history_picWheeling Township was officially established on April 2, 1850. On that date the first Annual Town Meeting was held and officers were elected. The population at that time consisted mostly of farmers. Townships were the initial and primary form of government established by the U.S. Congress for the Old Northwest Territory, of which Illinois was a part. 

Townships retain the tradition as the most "grass roots" of local governments and are the closest to the people. Because of the unique town meeting aspect, township government is more participatory, accessible and accountable to the public than any other local government. 

In the past, Township government's main concern was taking care of roads. While that function still exists in the unincorporated areas, our main emphasis is on providing human care services in the areas of mental health, disabled services, senior services, youth services and welfare services. The value of services rendered measured against the cost of the services gives the "biggest bang for your buck".