Disabled Parking Placards

Temporary and Permanent Certification Forms are available at the Wheeling Township Community Center.

Wheeling Township issues Temporary Disabled Parking Placards for up to three months. Bring the certification form, completed by the applicant and the certifying doctor, to the Wheeling Township Office for on-the-spot issuance of a placard.

Click here to download the Temporary Placard form

If you require a permanent placard or license plates, a certification form must be completed by the applicant and the certifying doctor and mailed to:

Secretary of State
Persons with Disabilities Placard/Plates Unit
501 South 2nd Street
Room 541
Springfield, IL 62756

Click here to download the Permanent Placard form.

WARNING - Any person who knowingly misuses or makes a false or misleading statement on an application can be fined up to $1,000.00. See "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) on our home page for definitions of qualifying disabilities.

HINTS - Disabled placards are stolen regularly, therefore we recommend that you do not leave your placard in an unlocked car.

Do not park in the yellow striped spaces next to a disabled parking spot. This space is intended to give the disabled person extra room to embark and disembark from his/her vehicle. Heavy fines accompany this violation.

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