Q: Where is the Township Building Located?

A: The Wheeling Township Community Center, 1616 N. Arlington Heights Rd. in Arlington Heights is located on the west side of Arlington Heights Road just two blocks south of Palatine Road.

Q: Where is the nearest immunization clinic?

A: Low cost immunizations are available for children up to age 18 on the second Monday of every month from 5:00-7:00pm at the Village of Arlington Heights, 33 S. Arlington Heights Road. Cost: $10.00 per shot and appointments are necessary. Past immunization records and a note from a physician is required for each clinic. The partnership clinic is staffed by local nurses and volunteers and is co-sponsored by Wheeling Township, the Villages of Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village and Mt. Prospect, Northwest Community Healthcare, the Cook County Department of Public Health, and the Arlington Heights Rotary Club.

Some adult vaccine is also available, please call for pricing 847.368.5760 for more information.
Updated clinic maps can be found on the Village website

Q: What is Access to Care?

A: Access to Care is a program funded by Wheeling Township and several other local agencies. The program is designed for low-income residents who are uninsured, or those who have insurance but have large deductibles. It provides low cost primary health care for both children and adults including office visits prescriptions and laboratory services. The program provides diagnosis and treatments for a small fee. Call 259-7730 to make an appointment or to apply for the program.

Q: How do I obtain a Handicapped Parking Placard? 

A: To qualify for a Handicapped Parking Placard or license plate, a person must meet the following criteria, as determined by a licensed physician:

  1. cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest.
  2. cannot walk without the assistance of a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or another person. 
  3. is restricted by a lung disease.
  4. uses portable oxygen.
  5. has a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition as set by the American Heart Association.
  6. is severely limited in ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition. 

An application must be completed by both the doctor and the applicant. Township's can only issue temporary cards that are valid for up to three months. Temporary placards valid for up to six months may be obtained at any local Secretary of State's office. Those with permanent disabilities will need to mail their applications to the Springfield office of the Secretary of State. Applications for both temporary and permanent cards are available at the Wheeling Township offices. 

Q: Where is the Wheeling Township Cemetery? 

A: The Wheeling Township Cemetery is located on the north side of Euclid Avenue west of Rand Road in Arlington Heights. A number of tombstones date back to the early 1800's. Burial sites are available for $500.00 each to Township residents, or immediate family members of Township residents, or immediate family members of those already buried there. Three Township-appointed Trustees - John Glueckert Jr., Jon Kolssak, and Philip Flores Jr. - are responsible for overseeing the upkeep and maintenance of the four-acre Cemetery, which is funded by the Township.

Q: What about the Food Pantry? 

A: Wheeling Township's General Assistance Department operates a  Food Pantry, and Emergency Fund to help needy residents facing hardship. Donations are received daily from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Contact the GA (General Assistance) Department prior to making donations or for further information on using these programs.